Getting StartedΒΆ

Before users can start using this API, they must ensure that the required material is present. The first step is to verify that Python 3.7 is installed on the computer.


We do not support Python 2.7 anymore as it has been deprecated at the start of 2020.

Installing our package is user-friendly and done using pip3.

To enable the use of pip3 from the command line, ensure the Scripts subdirectory of your Python installation is available on the system variable PATH. This might not done automatically. Alternatively, navigate to the Python37/Scripts folder.

Once there, simply uninstall the previous package and then install the new one our package as follows:

pip3 uninstall pypixxlib
pip3 install PATH_TO_FILE/pypixxlib-1.6.0.tar.gz

You are now ready to use Python and combine it with VPixx Technologies high performance systems.